Living in the central, I rarely journey to the West. However, I bolted down to Clementi after hearing about an excellent Indian rojak stall there.

Habib's Rojak Ayer Rajah 1

Located in Ayer Rajah Food CentreHabib’s Rojak has been around for 30 years.

The stall is constantly busy throughout the day. Customers come here for both a hearty meal and a mid-day bite.

Habib's Rojak Ayer Rajah 4

Habib is the second-generation owner of the stall. His father started the business in 1989 and interestingly named it after him when he was about a year old. How fitting since he’s running the stall now!

He started helping out at the stall at a very young age. From peeling potatoes and eggs, Habib eventually took over the stall about 10 years ago.


Habib's Rojak Ayer Rajah 3

Despite retiring, Habib’s father still very much involves himself in the business. He comes down every morning before the stall opens to inspect the quality of the food.

His father is also very strict on the stall’s suppliers, according to Habib. They only select suppliers which provide premium ingredients.

Habib's Rojak Ayer Rajah 9

Habib and his staff come to the stall in the wee hours of every morning to start prepping. They make all their items from scratch and take about five to six hours to finish preparing.

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